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Success Story with VDP and Farrenio

In 1992 the Vicentini family founded, in the new industrial area of Schio (VI), the VDP S.p.a. The company uses expertise and know-hows developed during 50 years of experience in the industry, in a local context strongly faced towards manufacturing and metalworking.

VDP is deeply involved in the discovery, research and development of new melting processes and secrets of the creation of the perfect iron casting for over three generations.

Planning, Trust, Collaboration, Communication and Practice can make anything possible.

A great example is the new collaboration between VDP and Farrenio starting from the 1st layer to the highest, for an S4HANA Upgrade.

When the project started, we were aware that we will face many challenges. Every step was analyzed before the action and planned. With our determination and challenging status quo, we accomplished to deliver the project in time and with the best results.

About our journey

  1. 2 Months of Upgrade and Maintenance Duration
  2. Upgrade of the Current Landscapes from SLES 12 to SLES15
  3. Performing the necessary optimization of the servers to adapt SAP standards
  4. Adapting the SLES15 libraries to other Solutions that communicates with SAP
  5. Database Patch
  6. Performing Performance Tuning on Database and parameters adjustments
  7. SAP S4HANA Upgrade

Author: Florin Stoica