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Partner enablement is about more than just helping partners improve sales performance and efficiency; it’s also about providing the support needed to deliver bold innovations that help customers thrive and optimize their potential in an ever-changing marketplace. For SAP partners, that mindset is front and center as they mature their use of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

SAP BTP is a platform that supports all facets of the innovation process. As the technological foundation for business transformation, it brings together application development, automation, integration, data and analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities under one unified environment.

Peeking into the platform, you will find an incredibly comprehensive and diverse set of applications, content, services, and tools that gives the flexibility and choice to innovate on partners’ terms. That level of openness and possibility brings with it a responsibility to help ensure partners use the platform effectively to innovate solutions that customers need to operate more resiliently and sustainably.

This is why SAP has a dedicated partner enablement path focused exclusively on SAP BTP. Of course, no two partners are the same – each possesses a unique set of products and services, innovation philosophies, as well as technology, industry, and process expertise. But every partner can benefit from additional support to boost its strengths by knowing what SAP BTP offers and how the platform can be used effectively to meet its goals.

Opening New Opportunities with Early and Frequent Support

When enablement happens early and often, partners can reach a certain level of proficiency related to SAP BTP, which opens up additional opportunities. Each phase allows partners to experience new technical challenges and hurdles and learn to innovate solutions with SAP BTP in ways that not only remove barriers but also accelerate value realization.

The enablement path for SAP BTP fulfills that promise by providing a scalable, self-paced digital learning curriculum based on various roles and levels of experience with the platform. SAP partners can select services that range from learning go-to-market fundamentals and basic growth strategies to expanding their skills and credentials continuously and receiving more advanced coaching to realize unique use cases. In addition, they can participate in various virtual events and boot camps offered throughout the year and delivered live by SAP experts. See figure below for details.

Enablement Path for SAP Business Technology Platform

Each of these experiences is available through an à la carte menu of services tailored to meet the needs of two types of audiences: 1) organizations that focus mostly on business outcomes, including sales and presales, and 2) those that focus on technical realization, such as developers and consultants. Instead of receiving a generic package of basic information about the platform, partners can obtain information relevant to how they engage with SAP BTP.

This aspect of our enablement is particularly important to  partners. SAP BTP provides partners with a broad array of innovation possibilities. However, some partners may be more focused on building, selling, or servicing their solutions created on the platform, while others may be more focused on ideating and delivering custom solutions that resolve unique customer challenges.

For example, sales and presales consultants can access the SAP Partner Portal* site to discover sales assets. They can get guidance on how to create an accurate bill of materials for a customer’s project and which prerequisite skills and foundational systems should be included to help ensure success.

Developers and consultants, alternatively, can receive training through tailored SAP Learning Journey guides. They provide guided exercises for partners and cover the architecture and capabilities of solutions available through SAP BTP such as SAP Extension Suite, SAP Integration Suite, and the SAP Analytics Cloud solution.

Live hands-on technical workshops and request individual coaching are also offered to accelerate the technical realization of concrete use cases and help ensure that best practices are applied. Furthermore, certification can be achieved to validate a developer’s or consultant’s experience and proficiency as part of the SAP ecosystem, which provides a decisive competitive advantage in a talent marketplace where well-trained experts are high in demand.

Digging Deeper into the Value of Partner Innovation

SAP BTP brings partners an extraordinary opportunity to provide game-changing capabilities and outcomes to their customers across industries and markets. Rapid innovation can become a continuous revenue generator based on integration, value creation from data, extensibility of SAP and third-party application and data assets, and a simple and harmonized experience.

The faster partners can realize this value from SAP BTP, the better their bottom line. That is where enablement beyond basic training becomes an essential part of a long-term growth strategy. When accessing the right knowledge, tools, content, and best practices along every step of the innovation process, partners not only optimize their use of the platform but also maximize the value they offer to their customers immediately and over the long term.

If you have not done so already, please join us on the journey with SAP BTP. Make use of the available enablement offerings, you can count on our support. You can also engage with your peers through SAP BTP partner community (login required). We look forward to driving successful business outcomes together.

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Pavel Penaz is global head of Partner Solution Adoption Strategy and Execution for SAP Business Technology Platform at SAP.

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