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SAP’s 50th anniversary celebrations may be winding down, but they are ending on an exciting highlight: “50 Years – The Story, Impact, and Future of SAP,” the commemorative coffee table book, is out now.

Over 360 pages, the book pays tribute to the five visionaries who founded SAP and to the countless people who have shaped the company over half a century and made it what it is today: a global enterprise with more than 110,000 employees and software solutions that keep the wheels of the world economy turning.

In three main sections, a variety of contributing authors explore the foundations of SAP’s success, the company’s impact on business and society, and its vision to help secure the future of the planet.

This unique publication also seeks to explain how SAP has managed to navigate profound economic and social change, hold onto its lead in an ever faster-moving industry, and emerge in a position of strength to deliver on its aspiration to help the world run better and improve people’s lives.

SAP asked historians to share their perspectives on 50 years of SAP, but this is by no means a history book. Styled in a range of formats, it aims to explore SAP from every angle. Read about the very first users, the trials and tribulations of setting up business operations around the globe, the signature SAP Sapphire customer events, current customers and partners, as well as SAP’s solutions and logo – and discover what makes the company’s culture and employees unique.

Aside from providing an understanding of the company’s past, this book is about exploring where SAP wants to go next. It looks ahead to the future of work and of business software and sets out SAP’s visions of how human ingenuity and machine intelligence could work in symbiosis.

This publication is climate-neutral and available in both English and German. It contains many previously unpublished photos that show the company in all its diversity. And QR codes link readers directly to additional digital content, interviews, and features.

The anniversary book can be ordered from the SAP Merchandise Shop and can also be purchased from German book outlet abcVerlag and from bookstores in Germany.


German: 978-3-938833-60-5
English: 978-3-938833-59-9

Author: Farrenio