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Farrenio offers your company technical solutions for your support and change requirements. We provide our SAP Basis support for the administration of the SAP system that includes activities like system application optimization and analysis, Operating system and Database administration and performance of SAP applications running on Java stack and SAP ABAP.

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SAP Basis Support

SAP Basis support activities include documenting and updating the existing SAP environment.
This will include working with business units to technologize the entire SAP landscape. To perform such tasks, the SAP Basis Admin must be able to analyze situations and solve problems. SAP Basis administration is critical to the health and functioning of your SAP landscape.

SAP offers a survival guide that introduces general basic transactions that can be used for troubleshooting performance issue, workload analysis, performance analysis tools and other topics related to performance optimization.

The performance issue (slowness, delay, long runtime) can be caused by incorrect configuration, improper parameters, code error, no periodic maintenance in the system, on Application Level / Database Level / Network or Hardware.

Farrenio will help your company to identify the areas where the performance is impacted and the steps to be taken for improvement.

  • Workload analysis
  • Memory configuration
  • SQL statements, locks, and buffering
  • System architecture
  • Short dumps and jobs
  • Syslog and spool

By observing the general symptoms shown by the system such as poor performance, high memory usage, paging or column store unloads, Farrenio can start to narrow down the possible causes as a first step in analyzing the issue, applicable for HANA or Oracle.

  • Oracle/HANA/Sybase administration
  • DB indexing issues
  • DB statistics are outdated
  • SQL statements, locks, and buffering
  • HANA Minichecks and parameter optimization

You can improve the general performance of the SAP HANA database by implementing various best practices, design principles, available features, and add-ons.

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