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A joint initiative by Capgemini and SAP will work to accelerate the automotive industry’s journey towards sustainability.

Capgemini and SAP will provide cloud products and services to support sustainability transformation in strategy, technology, and business model change. The initiative will enable companies to better manage their suppliers and supply chains in pursuit of their sustainability goals.

Hagen Heubach

“Sustainability is at the heart of the automotive industry and has to be the foundation of every decision. At the same time, it is essential to clearly understand the customer’s perspective and integrate feedback to ensure success in the digital age,” said Hagen Heubach, global vice president and head of the Automotive Industry Business Unit at SAP. “We are combining the strengths of SAP and Capgemini to provide our customers with expanded capabilities to define and implement their sustainability strategies.”

Josean Mendez, global SAP alliance lead at Capgemini, adds: “We are proud to be working with SAP on this sustainability initiative to jointly deliver automotive offerings leveraging RISE with SAP transformation value to our clients. Strengthening our solutions and helping our clients with their sustainability agendas signals the positive impact we aspire to for all our customers.”

Josean Mendez

Traditional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, as well as supplier organizations can drive their competitive advantage and value with the management processes and tools supported by the joint initiative. Specifically, this joint transformation framework can help automotive companies identify the business value of sustainability and inject sustainability management into products and services across their supply chains.

SAP and Capgemini offer market-leading solutions in four key areas of sustainability transformation to complement their innovation in the sustainability space:

Net-zero strategies and business models identify transformation opportunities and drive transparency on sustainability objectives with the help of the SAP Sustainability Control Tower solution.
Sustainable products and services create transparency about the carbon emissions of products throughout their life cycle, leveraging SAP Product Footprint Management and sharing emissions data through the industry value chain with the GreenToken by SAP solution.
Sustainable procurement and supply chains leverage SAP Integrated Business Planning, SAP Supply Chain Control Tower, and product carbon footprint data to help drive supply chain decisions with visibility across the network.
Steering and reporting for impact helps ensure that the transformation focuses on business value, with actionable insights and improved environmental, social,
and governance (ESG) reporting so that companies can comply with all regulatory and reporting requirements.

Markus Winkler

“Facing significant industry disruption, traditional OEMs, EV manufacturers, and automotive suppliers must continually innovate with their products and services while at the same time constantly improve efficiency,” said Markus Winkler, executive vice president of Global Automotive at Capgemini. “The joint initiative for automotive with SAP helps our clients adapt to the changing requirements of today as well as plan for the future with a strong and comprehensive industry cloud solution addressing global sustainability.”

For further information about this initiative, read the joint point-of-view on sustainability in the automotive industry.

Jim Davis is director of Automotive Industry Business Unit at SAP America.

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